How We Serve


Join Jade Lee as she leads a movement to help teen mothers, single moms and pastors a local church in America. She is also a marriage and relationship coach providing Intimate Encounter trainings for couples and families. Every month she leads a mom’s group in the Atlanta Metro area coaching new and seasoned moms to create a healthy family life.

Jade speaks at college campuses, high schools, elementary schools, and leads a Leadership Academy and Entrepreneurial Expo for women seeking to be well rounded leaders in their spheres of influence. She also helps lead a Pregnancy Training Center and SafeHouse in Alpharetta, GA for pregnant moms and women coming out of sex trafficking.

South Asia

Jade is a pastor to many and a beacon of hope for thousands in India, Pakistan, Nepal and other parts of South Asia. Jade’s TV show, Inspiring Lives with Jade Lee airs on Isaac TV, a satellite network reaching a global audience. She uses this platform as well as preaching at orphanages, house churches, kilns and wherever else God opens the door for her to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Jade leads a network of churches and ministries to encourage, equip and empower ministers across the the world. She provides prayer support, mentorship and humanitarian help for orphans, impoverished families and pastors across the continent of Africa. It is her honor to serve and be blessed by those in her care.

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