Keep Your Eyes on the Field: Favor is Where You Are

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Jesus is Who We Need

Jade has dedicated her life to sharing the gospel with all who will listen. It is her joy to share the liberating gospel of Christ with the poor, the marginalized and forgotten. Jade firmly believes that we are called to disciple nations, affirm all people as valuable and care for the orphan and widow. There is always hope for change even in the darkest hardest parts of the world. Will you join Jade in her mission to love all people with the love of Jesus Christ?

Waiting Women.
Trust the Process.

Because of Jade’s experience waiting on God’s promises she encourages others to enjoy the process and be content wherever God has you. Trust the vision, it may tarry but it will come in God’s appointed time. Every year her Waiting Women Fast inspires others to trust in God’s promises together.

Providing Resources.
Jade is on a Mission to Equip Ministers.

She coaches pastors, ministry leaders, organizations and business professionals on how to be even more effective Christian leaders. She also writes books, teaching materials and creates video content to enhance growth in the global church.

Book Jade.

If you would like Jade to minister at your church, orphanage or ministry please click the link below. If you would like to register for Intimate Encounter relationship coaching with Jade and her husband, Corey please contact us.


Jade’s Bio Jade Lee, a Bachelors of Arts English graduate of Hampton University, is a native of Deptford, NJ. She graduated from Deptford Township High School as a highly recruited athlete by almost every top tier school of the U.S. and obtained a full scholarship in Track and Field at Hampton. Jade was also a…

Jesus Loves You

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25 Ways to Dress Your Belly When Preggo

Dress from Asos Jumper from Motherhood Maternity! Can’t remember where I got this dress from but this was the day we announced our first pregnancy! Dress and Duster from Amazon! Top from TJ Maxx By the way, did you know we have a pregnancy center in Alpharetta, GA? It’s also a safe house for women!…

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